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Lyme Disease Interview with Dr. Keith Yimoyines

Dr. Keith Yimoyines

Dr. Keith Yimoyines, a naturopathic physician at TAO Vitality in Hebron CT, sits with TAO’s Functional Nutritionist Carly Sage to discuss the unique approach he and other doctors at TAO rely on for treating Lyme Disease and co-infections that are common in Connecticut. However, this topic is not just of interest for us New Englanders. In fact, Lyme Disease is the fastest-growing epidemic in the US, more prevalent than breast cancer according to the CDC.

According to Dr. Yimoyines, Lyme patients are accustomed to being ignored in conventional medicine and often come to see him and other natural medicine practitioners as a result of not getting their condition identified or addressed successfully. Many patients have seen numerous specialists without getting any diagnosis or relief. Functional medicine is well-suited to treat Lyme disease with a root-cause, systems biology approach that sees the individual as a whole.

Dr. Yimoyines shares how co-infections, which often go undetected, are most often a part of Lyme disease. Various factors such as environmental toxins, mold, food sensitivities, lifestyle habits, etc. likely influence the expression of Lyme disease influencing the patient’s condition and must be addressed. Taking a comprehensive approach towards treating a broad range of symptoms is key to designing an individualized plan to support the body in rebalancing all systems and treat the infection.

Obstacles to the improvement in health status with Lyme such as compliance and stress are discussed. Dr. Yimoyines offers many helpful tips to avoid contracting tick-borne illnesses and practical solutions for what to do if you get bit by a tick.

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