Natural Herbal Supplements for Lyme & Tick Borne Disease Treatment Support
Dr. Myriah Hinchey, ND Owner Lymecore Botanicals & Natural Lyme Treatment Specialist
Natural Supplements for Lyme Disease Treatment Support Made In USA

To ensure purity, potency and consistency, Dr. Hinchey personally sources as many of the raw herbs from US farms that practice organic farming or harvest wildcrafted herbs whenever possible. All of our tinctures (herbal extract liquid supplements) are 100% handmade here in Hebron Connecticut to exact specifications.

Dr. Myriah Hinchey, ND is the owner and co-founder of Lymecore, as well as the head of product research and development for the last 8 years …learn more ➡

Chinese Cat’s Claw


Uncaria rhynchophylla, also known as “Chinese Cat’s Claw,” is a plant species that is used in traditional Chinese medicine. It is a woody vine that is native to China and other parts of East Asia.

In traditional Chinese medicine, Uncaria rhynchophylla is believed to have a number of therapeutic properties.

It is used to promote circulation, reduce inflammation, and alleviate pain. It is also sometimes used as a sedative or to treat conditions such as high blood pressure, anxiety, and insomnia. ‡

There is some scientific evidence to suggest that Uncaria rhynchophylla may have potential health benefits.

For example, some studies have shown that extracts from the plant have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, and may help to protect against neurological damage. ‡

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