Herbal Lyme Disease Supplements For Natural Treatment Support

Dr. Hinchey sources as many of the raw herbs from U.S. farms that practice organic farming or harvest wildcrafted herbs whenever possible to ensure Lymcore is providing the best: pure, potent and consistent physician formulated Lyme treatment support supplements available.

DR. MYRIAH HINCHEY, ND Treating Lyme Disease Naturally for over 10 years “Lymecore Botanicals® supplements offer a pure, potent and consistent supply of individual herbal medicines so that the dose and formulation can be customized to each patient’s unique tick borne disease presentation, as well as formulations that are created to solve the most common tick borne disease treatment complications. Our formulas work synergistically with pharmaceutical antibiotics or as a standalone treatment.”

~ Dr. Myriah Hinchey, Owner & Co-Founder

Natural Supplements for Lyme Disease Treatment Support Made In Hebron, CT USA by medical professionalsAll of our tinctures (herbal extract liquid supplements) are hand crafted here in Hebron Connecticut to exact specifications by medical professionals.

Dr. Hinchey’s Lyme Disease Sample Herbal Protocol from her presentation on Natural Lyme Disease & Babesia Treatment at Designs for Health 2022 CASI Conference

Dr Hinchey LymeBytes Phone App Dr. Hinchey’s Natural Lyme & Babesia Treatment Presentation (55:38 min) is available on her LymeBytes™ App along with the slides (PDF) ➡

“A recent study shows that some of the best herbs for Lyme Disease are my most used anti-microbials” (Feng 2020)

Feng, J., Leone, J., Schweig, S., & Zhang, Y. (2020). Evaluation of Natural and Botanical Medicines for Activity Against Growing and Non-growing Forms of B. burgdorferi. Frontiers in medicine, 7, 6. https://doi.org/10.3389/fmed.2020.00006

~ Dr. Myriah Hinchey

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